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Advanced Solutions

Our current projects encompass blockchain technology, cloud computing, mobile applications, and drone software. 

Blockchain Technology: We are currently a node operator, named "Ubik Capital," for the ICON network. As part of this effort, we run a secure node to run and validate transactions on the ICON network. The node is run using industry best practices and modern cloud computing. Please see our Ubik Capital webpage for more information.

Mobile Applications: 

We created a Breadcrmb, a decentralized application (DApp) focused on giving users back control of their data. 

Keep track of where you've been using Breadcrmb! Store your data on the highly available and secure ICON blockchain. Take control of your data from the third parties. Your data, your blockchain key, your password, and your choice of what to do with it.

Drone Software:

We are currently working on multiple projects to utilize and expand drone technologies. These projects focus on drone command and control and expanding applications using modern cloud computing.